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CAN-AM Cars in Detail book coverCAN-AM CARS IN DETAIL
by Pete Lyons with Peter Harholdt's photography

From David Bull Publishing, this is my third book about that epic racing series, 1966 through 1974, which I covered Back In The Day for Britain's Autosport magazine. This work takes a loving look at 22 of the stunningly fast and amazingly innovative “unlimited” sports racers as they survive today. Included are Chaparrals, Lolas, McLarens, Porsches and Shadows, plus the Caldwell, a Genie, a Ferrari, a McKee and yes, that lavender temptress the Honker II, Mario Andretti's favorite car — not!

In 244 pages, my specially-written text accompanies 159 all-new and magnificent studio images by professional museum photographer (and SCCA driving champion) Peter Harholdt, with a superb overall design by Tom Morgan. Enclosed in a slip-case, this lavish coffee-table volume measures 11 x 11 inches and in every respect reflects David Bull's reputation for high quality. It retails for $99.95, plus shipping and California sales tax if applicable, and I'll gladly sign it to you at no extra cost.

In 2010 this book won my second Dean Batchelor Award from the Motor Press Guild for Excellence in Journalism.


FL book coverFAST LINES: Memorable Moments in Motorsports
by Pete Lyons from Vintage Racecar magazine

FAST LINES is my personal selection of 55 of the well over 150 columns by the same name that I've been writing for Vintage Racecar, that premier historic monthly, ever since Casey Annis founded it in 1998. My topics include personal heros like Andretti, Clark, Cunningham, Donohue, Fangio, Gurney, Hill (both of them), Hulme, Jenkinson, McLaren, Moss, Redman, Revson ... fabled marques Aston Martin, Chaparral, Cobra, Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, Scarab, etc. ... and magical events I've covered like Goodwood, Pikes Peak, Sebring and the Targa Florio. I even threw in a few rants.

Along with nearly 60,000 words, the 268 pages offer 68 period B&W photos taken by myself or my late father, Ozzie Lyons; there's even a couple by my multi-talented wife, Lorna. Published by Octane Press, this 6 x 9 inch softcover book's price is $24.95, plus shipping and California sales tax if applicable. Of course I'll sign your copy to you at no extra cost.



by Pete Lyons

(Original 1995 hardcover edition shown here; see softcover below)

This is the first complete historical account of the grand, glorious, gone-forever Canadian-American Challenge Cup series for the ultra-powerful "unlimited" sports-racing cars which shook North America from 1966 through 1974.

I covered most of the series for Autosport, and this 268-page book, published by MBI in 1995, puts the whole story together. In 100,000 words I recount all nine years and 71 races in detail, describe the significant cars, and profile every Can-Am Champion. Included are complete grids and results for every event (produced by Lorna), as well as 305 color or monochrome photos, either by myself or from masters such as Biro, Birnbom, Cali, Friedman, Markle, Phipps, Schmitt, Tenin, Tronolone, von Trebra, Warner, Warren and others.

I'm proud to say this book won the Motor Press Guild's 1996 Dean Batchelor Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Seen above is the hardbound version, which is out of print and at the moment we have none available for resale. But we do have a few remaining softcover copies; they look like this:

CAN-AM Softcover Book CoverIssued at the end of 2003 by MBI, this is the same book as the original 1995 hardbound version described above, except for the soft cover, with no differences in text or photos.

This version is also out of print now, and we are sold out.







by Pete Lyons

MBI's hardbound companion volume to CAN-AM, published four years later in 1999, PHOTO HISTORY stands on its own with 276 fresh pictures in both color and B&W, plus evocative interviews conducted by myself with such Can-Am stars as Denny Hulme, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Jim Hall, John Surtees, George Follmer, Jackie Oliver, Mario Andretti ... 19 in all. We also included capsule accounts of each Can-Am race season, including abbreviated results for all 71 races, for readers who may not have the more comprehensive CAN-AM.

The 192-page, 8 1/2 x 11 inch hardbound PHOTO HISTORY has long been out of print. We sometimes have some used copies on hand, but at the moment we do not.




by Pete Lyons
and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

My third marque history for Publications International came out in 1991. Like its predecessors it's a hardbound measuring 11 3/8 x 9 3/8 inches, but we were able to tell the story in just 256 pages, including the comprehensive index. Again I began with the story of Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons (to whom I am no relation, alas), a fascinating man who fell into automaking almost by accident but proved to have exactly the right blend of artistic vision and business acumen to found one of the world's great nameplates.

Unlike Enzo Ferrari, Bill Lyons was not primarily a racing man, but the racing cars he allowed his henchmen to build during the 1950s defeated Ferrari five times at Le Mans, the world's most important endurance contest. That played no small part in establishing Jaguar's success and I do not apologize for writing of the fastest of the cats at length in this book. But all the great road cars are covered too, from the SS models of the 1930s, before the name Jaguar was coined, through the XK sports cars I coveted as a kid, right to the XJ-S in which my wife and I enjoyed a tour of Britain in 1990, while this book was underway. Like FERRARI and LAMBORGHINI, this book is full of photos. It also includes a model-by-model specification section toward the back, detailing the years and numbers produced, descriptions of engines and suspensions, basic dimensions and typical performance. As with JAGUAR's stablemates, my very few new-condition copies are available at a substantial price, with my personalilzed autograph.


by Pete Lyons
and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

Written for Publications International in 1989, this 320-page, 11 3/8 x 9 3/8-inch hardcover follows the same format established with my earlier Lamborghini book. But we added to the authorship strength by asking Ferrari expert Dean Batchelor for a number of technical sidebar pieces.

The book starts with four chapters telling about Enzo Ferrari's life, character and achievements. Then we look at his truly incredible output of immortal cars, beginning with the preliminary, pre-war 815 powered by two Fiat engines joined end-to-end. But to me, what Ferrari did in the aftermath of the war tells us everything about the man: rather than starting over again with more junkyard parts, he had his own Ferrari engine designed and constructed‚ a V12 with overhead camshafts! That imperious audacity was the foundation of the Ferrari legend.

A point about content: because there are so many Ferrari models, and because I'm a racing enthusiast above all, my prime focus here was on the pureblooded track models and those GTs that could race, not so much on those best suited to the boulevard. But there are plenty of Ferraris covered here, with a lavish number of photographs and even some drawings.

As with my other out-of-print marque histories, I have a very small number of as-new copies of FERRARI: THE MAN AND HIS MACHINES and I'm asking a high price. It includes my personalized autograph.


by Pete Lyons
and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

This is my first full-size book, which I wrote in 1988 for Publications International. A hardcover volume measuring 11 3/8 x 9 3/8 inches, it is a 320-page portrait of two facets of the Lamborghini supercar story. First, in four opening chapters I profile Ferruccio Lamborghini, the brash and burly tractor manufacturer who built his own industrial empire from the ruins of World War II, went out one day to treat himself to a new Ferrari, and came back without the Ferrari but a steely resolve to build himself a better machine.

Also, the book features my long, detailed and engrossing interview with Bob Wallace, the crusty gem of a New Zealand racing mechanic who played a key role in the design, construction and test-driving of all early Lamborghini vehicles.

In the last 15 chapters, we look in detail at the advanced and elegant cars that made Lamborghini's name: the seminal 350 GT, that space-age "sedan" the Espada, the achingly beautiful Miura (my own favorite), the dramatic Countach ... all of them up to the time of publication. The whole story is illustrated by hundreds of photos, many gathered from the factory's own files, many commissioned expressly for this project.

I'm modestly proud of this book, which has been out of print for a long time, but is often cited as an important source of information on the Lamborghini marque. (I happen to think it's a cracking good read, too!) I see second-hand copies trading for pretty high prices, so I've put an even higher value on the very few brand new copies that I still have. Of course I'll include my personalized autograph.


My CAN-AM Calendar for 2014
   SORRY. SOLD OUT. But you can still order from the publisher at   

2014 Calendar
"MAD GENIUS" is the theme for the 2014 Can-Am Calendar. "There is no great genius without a trace of madness" declared the Roman philosopher Seneca, and can we have any doubt he was looking ahead 19 centuries to designers of Can-Am racecars …?

Using heavier paper stock this year, our 2014 MAD GENIUS calendar is still "Can-Am Sized," measuring a jumbo 17 inches wide and opening to 22 inches tall. Presented in the Majesty of Monochrome are 24 of my original, period Can-Am race photos, none of which have appeared in our previous calendars, along with my own captions. Together, they show-and-tell the stories of the freethinking minds who dared try ideas that seemed crazy — until some of them worked, and thereby reshaped racing history.

The price is $29.99 plus CA tax when applicable.

Back cover showing all 12 months:

2014 Can-Am Calendar


My CAN-AM Calendar for 2013
2013 Calendar Cover
"UNCHAINED AERO" is the theme this time as we watch those astounding "unlimited" racing machines grow our understanding and appreciation of aerodynamic downforce. And it happened so fast — from the sleekly streamlined Lolas that dominated the Can-Am at the outset, through the groundbreaking Winged White Wonders from West Texas, Chaparral's follow-on "Fan Car" that introduced ground effects, to the Porsche Panzers that harnessed their enormous turbo power not so much for straightaway speed, but to force their ungainly-looking but highly effective, high-downforce new body shapes around the turns faster than ever.

Again published in conjunction with Octane Press and designer Tom Heffron, this "Can-Am Size" calendar measures a jumbo 17 inches wide and opens to 22 inches tall. Altogether there are 24 of my original, period photos, none of which have appeared in our previous editions.

We have very few of these 2013 calendars left, and they are offered at a discounted price of $10.00.


2012 Calendar CoverSTILL AVAILABLE!
We have a few remaining 2012 calendars
now discounted to $10.00

CAN-AM 2012 features 24 of my PERIOD PHOTOS illustrating the massive power of the 'unlimited' cars between 1968 through 1973

Those were the "DAYS OF EPIC POWER," the timeframe when engines rapidly grew from "small blocks" displacing less than 360 inches (6 liters) to the hulking Chevys and Fords that merely began at 427 (7 liters) and ultimately went above 500 CID — way above. But that was nothing: Porsche's pioneering turbo engines pushed Can-Am horsepower beyond 1000!

A beautiful "Big Bore" homage to the "Big Bore" race cars of the Canadian-American Challenge Cup series, this year's jumbo-size calendar features my own pictures celebrating the thundering McLarens, Chaparrals, Porsches and other fabulous machines as I saw them racing In The Day. All the pictures are new and fresh for 2012, they were not used in our 2011 calendar.

This year's product was professionally designed by Tom Heffron and published by Octane Press. Sized BIG like the old Can-Am itself, the pages are 17 inches wide by 11 high, meaning the calendar measures 22 inches tall when open for display. It's a premium piece that does justice to its subjects. The few remaining copies are discounted to $10 each.

the mighty machines of the series
with Pete Lyons author of CAN-AM and CAN-AM Photo History

Duke Video's DVD on the great cars and stars of the “Unlimited CAN-AM” 1966 through 1974. Features extensive interviews with Pete Lyons as he remembers the Can-Am he covered as a journalist and photographer.

Also contains interviews with other Can-Am celebrities including Peter Bryant (designer of the Ti22 "Titanium Car") and 1966 series champion John Surtees. Many Pete Lyons photos. 2 hours 28 mins including bonus material.

plus shipping and handling
and California sales tax where applicable

PLEASE NOTE: This DVD is NTSC format for use on USA DVD players.
We do not offer PAL format DVDs